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Synthetic cathinones (Bath Salts) Withdrawal

Synthetic Cathinones are better known as bath salts, a drug derived from the plant called Khat in its original form called Cathinone. The drug is an amphetamine-like stimulant that has become a growing addiction problem for many.

The drug is not to be confused with a salt that is used to help make a bath more desirable. Bath salts in this context are one of the most addictive drugs found and are growing in popularity.

One of the biggest problems with bath salts is that people have incorrectly come to believe that this substance is completely safe for use. The truth is, however, that abusing this substance just like any other can be extremely harmful and the substance itself can be quite addictive.

Bath Salts Effects

There are a variety of effects that come as a result of using bath salts. Some of them include an increase in sex drive, euphoric feelings, and an excessive desire to be social.

In addition many experience hallucinations, agitation, delirium, paranoia, unusual psychotic behavior, and violent tendencies. The effects of the drug are similar to that of cocaine use with a multiple of 10. This makes it extremely difficult to stop using once you have become used to it and if you have an addictive personality with addictive behavior disorders.

Expectations for Stopping

When you are addicted to bath salts you can’t simply stop using the drug and expect to stop wanting it. The drug is highly addictive and provides many with not only the challenge of getting over the drug mentally but also dealing with the physical challenges associated with stopping the use of the drug. When it comes to stopping the use of the drug you can expect to go through some difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Typical Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that can be expected when the use of bath salts is stopped are extreme chills, sweating, hallucinations, and body aches. The drug is considered a poison when it comes to your body.

The body will want to rid itself of the poison and will do so through all types of fluid releases such as intense sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. Depending on the severity of the addiction and the level of the drug in the body the symptoms of withdrawal can be very severe.

Individuals that are seeking help for the treatment of their bath salts addiction should be prepared for dealing with a difficult physical and emotional challenge during the process of detoxification. Removing the drug from your system and keeping it from you can be overwhelming in a number of ways including physical and psychological.

Relying on a Support System

Getting help dealing with the withdrawal symptoms is one of the best ways to face the challenge. Facilities that specialize in the addiction of this nature are prepared to support those that are going to face their addiction and go through the withdrawal symptoms. This support is one of the best ways to get through the difficult task of ridding the body of the chemical that has been put into it.

Replacement medications are typically not used to help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms of such a drug, however, having a team of experts on hand to assist in your time of crisis and go through each step of the withdrawal with you can be very beneficial.

The Bottom Line

You cannot mess around with bath salts abuse, because it is just as harmful as any other type of substance abuse or addiction. If you are currently dealing with a substance abuse problem involving bath salts on your own or in conjunction with other substances, then now is as good a time as any for you to get some help.

Going through the withdrawal process can be overwhelming and even challenging, but surrounding yourself with the right support, medical and emotional, can work wonders when it comes to your ability to kick the habit.