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Common Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

There is a large number sign and symptoms that can be seen in the patient that is suffering from addiction. The symptoms can be various for different type of addiction and the severity of these symptoms also depend on the addiction type. The information given in this article can be very helpful for the reader as Caron Treatment Testimonials, because he can notice these symptoms at the first or initial stage that can help them to cure their loved ones.

There are some common and general symptoms of addiction

1. Psychological symptoms

Most of the addictive substance makes the person completely depend on them, the person have a strong urge to taking that substance. These substances are like nicotine, alcohol or other substances. A person losses his control over the mind and at any cost he wants to take that substance. There can be some harmful side effects if the patient stops taking these substances. And on the other side there are some substances like smoking, which makes a short and long term both impacts. This addiction can be the main cause of lung disease.

2. Social symptoms

The social symptoms involve the person who is suffering from addiction, starts avoiding their responsibilities, job and even family also. The main thing that they keep in mind that is the addiction they required. With the passage of time the value of addiction increases and the process of recover become harder. And loss all of his interest in real life, desires to take that addictive substance continuously and enjoy. But he don’t know that , how this small pleasure only of small time can ruin his whole life.

3. Physical symptoms

All the addictive substances have their physical symptoms, some have at short time and some have at long time. These symptoms can be noticed by the weakening of body, by the eyes and the tongue. There are different symptoms of various addictions related to their classification based on different theories.  With the passage of time the patient’s body also become less tolerant to the different diseases or weaker immune system.


Nowadays there are many drugs and abusive substances that are selling directly in different countries. These are the symptoms that can be notice and patient must accept the addiction and prepare a proper mindset ton recover from this addiction.