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Top 10 Free Drug Rehab Centers

For most addicts, the cost of rehab is too much so, there is simply no money available to pay for a rehabilitation program.

The good news is that every state has a facility or program offering free treatment for addiction. Some of these free rehabilitation centers are just as good as the paid ones. Besides, a free addiction treatment program is better than attempting at-home detox methods that have no scientific backing.

State-Funded Free Drug Rehab Programs

All states have substance abuse centers accessible to the public. Most states provide funding such that drug abuse rehabilitation services are free in these centers. However, you must meet specific criteria and conditions to qualify for free drug rehabilitation. Each state has different requirements. However, generally, to qualify, all states require you to:

  • Have no income or insurance
  • Be an official resident of the state, according to the state’s definition
  • Be a legal US citizen
  • Have an addiction status that needs intervention

Faith-Based Free Rehab Facilities

Several religious groups offer free drug rehabilitation programs. Examples include Harbor Light Detox and Residential Centers and the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

Other faith-based organizations provide counseling and peer support programs for addicts in recovery. Before joining such programs, you are required to first go through a detox program.

Ten Best Free Alcohol and Drug Abuse Rehabs

The following are 10 of the best free drug rehabilitation centers:

  1. Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles

This LA-based facility caters to men, women, and the LGBTQ community. They have an inpatient (residential) detoxification program. Also, they have a partial hospitalization treatment program to cater to the patients coming from another inpatient program. The partial programs do not require patients to spend the night.

This facility collaborates with sober living houses, to provide more support to patients who have graduated from the inpatient program.

The Hills Treatment Center provides free substance abuse treatment for a wide range of drugs including;

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Prescription drugs
  • Methamphetamine
  1. West Midtown Medical Group Outpatient 1, New York

This free rehabilitation center helps people struggling with drug addiction in New York City. They provide methadone addiction treatment for drugs such as cocaine and opioids. Plus, they provide individual, couples, and group counseling.

This facility also provides methadone-to-abstinence programs for those patients who are stable enough and want to go off methadone.

Like most rehab programs, West Midtown follows the 12-step drug rehabilitation philosophy.

  1. Dilworth Center, Charlotte, NC

This rehab facility provides free services to adults and teens. They also have relapse prevention programs for professionals, which includes a nurses’ aftercare program.

The 16-week IOP (intensive outpatient program) for adults includes individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. The IOP for young adults involves peer mentoring, while a similar program for adolescents requires family participation.

The relapse prevention programs are effective in helping professionals in transitioning back to work.

Dilworth Center uses the 12-step philosophy.

  1. Tadiso Inc., Pittsburg, PA

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities has accredited this facility. It provides outpatient drug rehabilitation services for opioid addiction.

Tadiso focuses on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) using medications such as buprenorphine and methadone. Since it is an outpatient facility, patients make fewer and fewer visits as they improve.

Tadiso Inc. is a quality-outpatient facility that has helped people with opioid and heroin addiction for more than 50 years.

  1. Adolescent Substance Use & addiction Program (ASAP), Boston, MA

ASAP is run by the Boston Children’s Hospital. The facility focuses on helping teens suffering from substance abuse.

ASAP’s free services include MAT (medication-assisted treatment). MAT is a detox procedure that helps treat addiction with minimal discomfort and withdrawal symptoms. Also, they use other clinical addiction treatment methods, such as group and individual therapy.

Since the facility deals with teens, it provides guidance for the parents of recovering addicts.

  1. First Step of Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

First Step of Sarasota is an inpatient facility that handles patients who are ready for medically supervised detox. This 30-bed facility is open 24/7. Patients stay between three and ten days.

The outpatient programs focus on recovery and relapse prevention. Their peer recovery program is set up in such a way that patients in recovery mentor those new to the program.

  1. New Traditions, Seattle, WA

New Traditions focuses on treating mothers struggling with addiction. Such women often have a dual diagnosis of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

For free, New Traditions provides IOP (intensive outpatient programs) outpatient, aftercare, and group counseling. The group meetings are available at different times of the week.

The facility also provides individual counseling, where the frequency of the sessions is dependent on the needs of a mother.

As it deals with mothers, New Traditions has on-site daycare facilities. The organization also provides further support by partnering with the community to offer recovering patients with jobs, education, housing, and other needs.

  1. CAA Turning Point South, Oklahoma City, OK

CAA Turning Point is one of the few free rehabilitation facilities that provide pre-rehabilitative care. This type of care is needed when a patient’s addiction needs specific detox treatment.

CAA Turning Point provides medically assisted treatment, rapid detox, inpatient care, and behavior modification using the 12-step philosophy. Rapid detox is sometimes necessary for patients hooked on opioids. This type of treatment involves sedation after the administration of an opiate blocker.

This organization helps with interventions, where family and friends lovingly confront the addict.

  1. Rescue Mission of Trenton Residential Substance Abuse Treatment, Trenton, NJ

This facility focuses on the homeless, impoverished, and people with legal problems. They provide services such as medically-supervised detox and group counseling.

The organization also connects patients to educational and vocational opportunities. Also, they provide meals and transport to patients who need them.

The facility has a long-term 180-day inpatient treatment program. It also provides accommodation for recovering patients. There’s an extended program to cater to patients who might remain in inpatient treatment for more than a year.

  1. Open Door Treatment Center, Newark, DE

Open Door Treatment Center is a free drug rehabilitation facility that provides outpatient services. People with substance abuse problems can take advantage of outpatient and intensive outpatient programs.

The rehabilitation programs at this facility include cognitive and behavioral therapy and counseling. Open Door also deals with adolescents, dual diagnosis patients, and adults with WI and DUI citations.

How to Find Free Drugs Rehabilitation Centers?

To find a free rehab or detox center, you can search the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). In the directory of this organization, you can find a free rehab center in your state. They have a search tool with filters that will allow you to get centers and programs that match your specific needs quickly.

It is more convenient to go to a rehab center within the city you live in. Furthermore, most state-funded free drug rehabilitation facilities require you to be a resident of the state they are in. But, do consider traveling to another city for treatment. Going to an unfamiliar town means you are getting away from triggers, such as friends and other unhealthy influences. In any case, there’s a huge possibility that the perfect program for you is out-of-state.

What Services Do Free Drug Rehab Centers Provide?

The services provided mostly depend on the source of funding. So, free drug rehabilitation facilities provide care as comprehensive as intensive inpatient treatment to simple programs such as recovery support groups.

State-funded programs mostly include the full range of treatment options. Still, the funding is not as substantial as to include the latest drug treatment technologies.

Before committing to a free drug rehab facility or program, do your due diligence to ensure the services provided meet your needs. For instance, there’s no point in entering a recovery program when you have not gone through full detox.