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The Deadly Legal Drug: Problems of Tobacco Abuse

Smoking damages practically every organ and raises your risk of contracting numerous illnesses. Nicotine makes people crazy for Tobacco. It may help them in the present. However, it will eventually be harmful to one’s life. Watch out for your ways and avoid excessive smoking of Tobacco. Smoking also impacts your health, wealth, and the people in your life. Smoking can cause Cancer, as most people are aware. However, it can also lead to several other disorders. However, what exactly is the problem of Tobacco Abuse?

Addictive Substance 

Tobacco has Nicotine, an addictive substance, and smokers may not be aware, but this is actually the substance that makes them weaker and somewhat kills their bodies. Tobacco contains a lot of addictive Nicotine, which is why people are addicted and cannot stop smoking Tobacco. The body produces less Nicotine, which makes your brain want more dopamine. The more dopamine you need to feel happy, the longer you’ve been smoking. When you become addicted to Nicotine, quitting causes withdrawal symptoms. You might have trouble focusing or feel tense, worried, restless, or angry. Nicotine withdrawal and nicotine dependence both increase your desire to smoke. You may not realize it, but Nicotine kills you slowly. This is where Tobacco addiction happens among individuals. So, be sure to control yourself and get yourself checked. 

It can lead to numerous health disorders 

Tobacco Abuse can lead to serious health problems. Smoking harms your lungs’ tiny air sacs and airways. As soon as a person starts smoking, harm is done, and lung function deteriorates over time. However, it could take some time before the issue is obvious enough to identify lung illness. The main one is Cancer; smoking can cause Cancer practically anywhere in the body and is primarily responsible for lung cancer. This can further develop into breathing issues and long-term respiratory ailments. Aside from this, the respiratory system is damaged when excessive smoking happens. In addition, active smoking worsens asthma in smokers and raises the likelihood of asthma in adults and adolescents: heart disease, stroke, and issues with blood circulation. Also, smoking is a significant contributor to cardiovascular conditions like heart disease and stroke. 

Aside from the physical damages, Tobacco Abuse can also affect one’s mental health. Additionally, smoking has detrimental effects on mental health. When smoking Tobacco, there is a higher incidence of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, suicide attempts, and schizophrenia. 

Risking other’s life as well

Smoking Tobacco is harmful to oneself; there are risks to smoking too. Risking one’s health is the ultimate effect since you are inhaling Nicotine, an addictive substance that can lead to tobacco use. Aside from this, unfortunately, there’s this thing called secondhand smoking. When nonsmokers inhale secondhand smoke, it might impact their health. This implies that they are inhaling the same carcinogenic and hazardous chemicals as you are. So, be careful when smoking Tobacco because you are risking your own life and the other people around you. This may also affect your relationships with your family, friends, and loved ones. 


Excessive usage of Tobacco won’t help individuals anyway. It may help in the short term; however, it will cause more harm than good in the long run. There are a lot of adverse effects of Tobacco, one of which is the addictiveness that it comes with. The Nicotine substance is what makes individuals crave it. This can lead to serious health problems that might affect your quality of life. Not only physical damage but as well as mental toughness. Lastly, with excessive usage of Tobacco, one may risk not only one’s life but also other people’s lives surrounding you. 

Tobacco Abuse is killing you slowly; you may not see the effect on your body immediately, but give it years and see how your body functions and responds to Tobacco usage. Tobacco Abuse is treatable; choose the proper treatment that will suit your condition and situation. Get it immediately instead of waiting for the need to worsen, and you might suffer the consequences. It is never too late to shift and change your ways into a smoke-free life. So what are you waiting for? Go into the nearest treatment centers and rehab centers to treat your Tobacco Abuse. You may experience particular symptoms that will determine the diagnosis. If you smoke, your healthcare professional will inquire about your tobacco use in detail, perform a physical examination, and occasionally prescribe tests. So, visit treatment centers and get treatment right away.