“Every client who walks into our doors is different. For this reason, we have assembled a well-rounded, unique staff to treat addiction holistically. This staff includes psychiatrists, doctors, nursing staff that’s available 24 hours a day, and dedicated case managers. Our Residential Inpatient Program treats addiction holistically by giving you the environment needed to heal, and throughout your stay, you’ll enjoy weekly fitness programs that include boxing, yoga, and exercise; weekly sessions from chiropractors and massage therapists; and extracurricular activities that include creative writing, music groups, acting classes, and more. We’re giving you a full spectrum of experiences to show you that life offers so much more than drugs and alcohol.

By the end of your stay, we want you to feel hopeful, feel connected, and feel grounded. Many clients have come into our doors in a chaotic, lost state. And that’s ok. Our program exists to give you direction and a strong outlook for the future (hope), help you rediscover yourself and appreciate the positives in your life (connection), and walk out of our doors with a stable state of mind and a rekindled fire for life (groundedness).”